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PIEMME – Prodotti Mediterranei is a modern company and leader in the agro-food and liquor sector. It produces Limoncello, Baba and specialties respecting the local tradition. Every delicious taste of its products becomes a messenger of the sun and authenticity that the peninsula has always cultivated.


The passion for local traditions and the attention to the genuineness of its ingredients are so important that PIEMME follows all the stages of the production chain, from cultivation, harvesting and lemon peeling (assigned to the Cooperative Solagri) to the infusion and the bottling. The process is both hand crafted and technologically innovative. It is checked by the Quality Control Manager and by technical consultants of the Universities of Naples and Salerno.
The result is certified by CERMET and CCPB (for the organic Limoncello) and by European agencies specialized in the selection of quality products. The same care is given to the production of confectionery specialties. PIEMME is also one of the few companies which has an internal pastry factory.

The company's staff comprises of 14 people led by a high profile management, which is sensitive to tradition but projected into the future. The company is part of the S.E.A. Group, which includes hotels in the territory of Sorrento. The trade organization has a qualified sales network covering the whole country. The major distribution channels are through HO.RE.CA, the qualified take out, the high level large retailers and the best specialized shops. The steady growth in foreign markets, particularly in France, Holland, Greece, Spain, but also in the United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Uruguay, confirms the consumers appreciation, the business strategy to a renewal of customers and a consolidation of the market position. Piemme stands out from all the rest for its products, characterized as made in Italy, and different from those of its competitors that lack such ingredients and traditions.

The history

PIEMME – Prodotti Mediterranei was founded in 1969 thanks to the initiative of some Sorrentine artisans dedicated to the production of lemon confectionery specialties and the traditional Limoncello.
Based on this historic recipe, handed down from family to family, and thanks to an innovative technological know-how since 1986, the typical infusion of lemon peels of Sorrento, along with baba, becomes a boasting product of PIEMME. Through an initial postprandial proposition in the most qualified Italian restaurants and a subsequent expansion in the market, Piemme boasts the first production of the typical "Limoncello" and is the undisputed leader in the production of such specialties.

La storia

The connotation as an artisan company sensitive to quality of raw materials and to protection of the natural ingredients, which are distinctive in a competitive market, has meant that PIEMME contributed, in 1994, to the foundation of "Solagri" Cooperative Farmers of the Peninsula of Sorrento. Solagri, with more than 400 agricultural lands, covers about 85% of the land planted with citrus.
Later, PIEMME also contributed to the creation of the Consortium "Siren Land" between farmers and manufacturers.
In the same year, the company run by the family became a modern corporation. In 1995, one of the most important companies in the hotel and tourism sector, S.E.A. spa bought an equity stake.
In 2004 PIEMME participated in the foundation of ‘Consortium to protect the Lemon of Sorrento GPI’. The consortium performs important marketing activity, monitors and regulates the methodologies to produce the Lemon of Sorrento and guarantees an excellent quality of the derived products.

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