PIEMME has chosen to focus on respecting the local tradition which is the basis of lemon cultivation in Sorrento, a typical product, unique in Italy and worldwide. Thanks to this, PIEMME stands out compared to its competitors that lack either the ingredient or the history.

The lemons of Sorrento

The lemon of Sorrento is oval, medium to large, with pale yellow very juicy flesh and the skin with a very special fragrance due to the richness of the essential oils present.
It is cultivated under the supervision of the Consortium of the Lemon of Sorrento GPI, from Vico Equense to Massa Lubrense on a land overlooking the sea rich of volcanic elements using the traditional method of pergolas and "pagliarelle".
Pagliarelle is a straw mat roof supported on poles made of chestnut wood, in order to protect the lemons from the sea breezes and low temperatures of the cold season, resulting in a scalar fruit ripening. On the fruit, no chemical products are used because if they deposit on the skin this would affect the taste and the aroma of the lemons.
Thanks to the ability of farmers, who tend to treat diseased plants rather than tear them down and replace them, PIEMME has today very old plants with 7-10 blooms per year and an almost every-day picking which guarantees always fresh products.

In order to respect the main ingredient of our production, there is a two-month biological rest, from October to December (varies depending on climate and the type of trunk) to ensure natural regeneration of plants and avoid an intensive exploitation that would impoverish the soil and the fruit.
These factors have led to the fact that the Sorrento Lemon was awarded with the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), an important guarantee of quality. PIEMME has emphasized the quality of the raw product marking it on the label of Limoncello, so that the final consumer perceives at first sight that this is a top quality product.

The Limoncello

The Limoncello

In the Sorrento Peninsula, the production of lemon liqueur dates back to ancient times, and it is still conducted in a production system which preserves the traditional crafts methodologies used in this area handed down from generation to generation. Since 1986, PIEMME is the undisputed leader in the production of Limoncello, which rightly can be considered the Gold of Sorrento.

PIEMME respects traditions and is sensitive to modernity. Today PIEMME renews its communicative image and sends a message to new and old customers - giving greater visibility to its main product and emphasizing the purity of its ingredients and the brightness of its history.
Thus the new transparent label for PIEMME liquors was born. The product itself seems to communicate without fear of its genuineness, finally no longer masked. In this way, the label becomes more refined and elegant, satisfying the consumer’s need of a high quality product. There is no lack of the distinctive elements of the territory where PIEMME products are born: the sea, sun and lemons.
Nothing is left to do except open a bottle of the Gold of Sorrento to discover the uncovering scent, the message of beauty and genuineness that the Sorrento Peninsula has always cultivated.

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